Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Staying within a kilometer of the house - Sunday

We toured the church next door in the afternoon. Sunday afternoon is
the time when tourists are allowed inside. They still hold mass at 9
AM (judging by the bells ringing then). The church is massive,
indicative of a time in which the village was much more populated and
church-going. Today there are cane bottom chairs at the front in the
alter area for the parishioners. The wooden pews which occupy most of
the church are gathering dust. The church is older than many in Paris,
dating at least to the 1300s.

Around 8 PM, I walked to the park on the Seine River. On one end were
a couple of cars next to people starting a barbecue grill, with what
smelled like transmission fluid, and playing rap music in English. At
the other end was a couple in a compact car, 10 feet from the river,
eating McDonald's value meals. It's at least 10 km from the nearest
McD, so this was probably a planned outing. If only Monet were
painting today, he could have captured this international moment.
I sat down at a bench and watched the sun shine of the Seine. At my
feet, I found a cardboard drink tray, probably also from McDonald's.
It doesn't smell like burnt transmission fluid.
Across the river, Lavacourt stands still like a painting. I see houses
and cars, not people. Maybe a dog's bark is coming from that
direction. I walk to the water's edge and dip my hand in it. It's not
as cold as I expected. It may be swimmable. But what would I do
soaking wet on the other side?

On Monday, I saw a person there from our window. I waved. I don't
think he saw me.


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