Thursday, August 13, 2009

Traveling to CDG Hotel - Saturday

Getting to CDG airport from Vetheuil / Mantes Jolie / Gare Saint
Lazare Area With Heavy Luggage, Without The Many Ups And Downs of the
Metro/RER stairs

These details are not for the casual blog reader.
I write these instructions so hopefully someone will find this on the
web and learn from our mistakes, research, and luck.

The trip to CDG airport involved 42 stairs, less than you'd likely
find in starting a trip on one metro line, much less transferring to
different lines.
-Leave house with lots of luggage 10:15
-Arrive Vetheuil town center/bus stop 10:21
-Board 9511 bus 10:30 - 4 steps up
(luggage goes on bottom of bus if you ask driver so steps don't really count)
-Arrive Mantes-Joiie- 10:48 - 4 steps down
-Board express train 11:08
-Depart train at Paris St Lazare 11:39
Walk across station down steps opposite tracks 9-10 to St Lazare
street ( 30 steps down, none if escalator worked), head right at
tunnel and walk half a block to bus stop, across from pharmacy
-Board 21 bus 1 step up at 12:00 (just missed one 10 minutes earlier
than ours). Has room for luggage storage in center. If you have easily
rollable light luggage, you might save a few minutes of waiting on the
bus by walking 700m directly to the Roissy bus stop.
-While waiting, posted saved material to blog at McDonald's free wifi,
half a block down the street
-Depart bus 12:06, 1 step down, at Opera stop (third stop, just after
Auber stop), turn right off bus
-Walk 2 min to Opera Roissy CDG stop on Rue Scribe across from Opera building
-Board Roissy CDG shuttle 12:10 (runs every 15 minutes), 1 step up,
just missed the previous bus. Driver demands CDG terminal number and
letter. Has dedicated luggage storage area in center. Leave for CDG
12:22. Arrive 12:55 (supposed to 50-60 minutes in traffic)
-Depart bus, 1 step down and arrive CDG terminal 2A (British Airways)

To get to a nearby hotel
-Walk to 2A, Porte 8
-Catch Roissy hotel (navette) shuttle (supposed to run every 15 -
20minutes) , 4 steps up, depart 13:32
-Arrive B&B hotel , 13:50, 4 steps down

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