Saturday, June 20, 2009

Albano Rest Day 2

After a lot of walking yesterday, we took it easy today. I'm
unfortunately moving back toward getting up late. It's not terribly
hot in the apartment, but we miss air conditioning.
I started Scary Movie 4. It turned out to be in Italian only. The
beginning with Dr. Phil and Shaq was amusing - you could tell what
they must have been saying. Then came Charlie Sheen; gross and not
funny aren't a good combination. Then I watched the end of Gioruo Di
Ordinaria Follia (Falling Down) with Michael Douglas. It's a classic
in any language, but they had English, so even better. "I'm obsolete.
I'm economically unviable," so I am going to blow lots of stuff up,
and, in the process, learn a little something about myself. "I'm the
bad guy? How did that happen? I did everything they told me to." Then
a brief piece on the making of Bourne Ultimatum. I didn't realize Matt
Damon did some of the stunts, including laying a motorcycle down and
jumping from a train - things to try while we're here.

After taking easy for half the day, I noticed my watch wasn't working
right. In the GPS I looked what looked like an electronics shop (the
names were in Italian). I couldn't do more than that because we've a
lot of trouble gettting an internet signal(more on that later-I'm
sitting on a flower planter in front of an apartment building to get a
signal right now. The store was in the next town over, Genzano, about
2.5 miles away. This seemed like a simple enough walk. The GPS didn't
that it was 200 feet higher than Albano. It took me up a beautiful but
grueling tiny road that forced most of the elevation in half a mile.
The road was so narrow that I had to turn to the side to let cars
pass. On the way, I discovered humidity inside my watch, so I needed a
new watch, not just a battery. Next to the electronics store was the
closest thing I have seen here to a Super Target. A very refreshing
Coke later, I went to the closest thing to a Best Buy. The cheapest
watch was $50. Everything seems more expensive here.
Strolling through town, I found the closest thing to a Dollar Tree and
got a watch for $5.
That evening I spent a lot of time hanging out of the window on the
roof, trying to set an Internet signal. No luck. I got about 4 pages
loaded and the signal died.
Old Italian man in only boxer shorts on his balcony count: 1
Thankfulness count he was wearing boxers: infinity
Articles of clothing dropped from drying racks attached to windows
onto sidewalk while drying count: 2 (no electric dryer, but lots of
sun, so it works well)

An old lady has sat down
10 feet away from me and is staring me down, so I should go.

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