Friday, June 12, 2009

The Schedule for the Summer

Tomorrow we leave for Europe. We fly into JFK in the morning and then have about 8 hours to kill in NYC before we take an overnight flight to Rome, with a stopover in London to change planes. We'll be in Castel Gandolfo (about 10 km outside of Rome) until June 27, when we fly to Sevilla, Spain. In Sevilla, we are meeting up with a friend from church, Jenny, and her sister Jane. The four of us are then heading to our beach house in Cartaya! We have a few days to become one with the sand until my sister Dana joins us and we will be doing a whirlwind tour of Granada, Sevilla, Cadiz, Morocco, and Lisbon! Jane leaves for London on the 10th, and then Dana leaves on the 13th. Jenny may stay a bit longer and we'll take in Madrid. After four wonderful weeks in Spain, we fly to Paris on July 26th and stay through August 9th, when we do the whole Paris, London, JFK, Raleigh bit again. We hope to keep you all updated on what we are doing and seeing throughout our trip.

So you can get an idea of where we are going, the pictures are of Castel Gandolfo, our first stop. Also, you can see multiple pictures of our place in Spain in this slideshow

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