Friday, June 12, 2009

Starting Out

We will miss our friends and family, so we started this blog to share our experiences with y'all (despite my feeling that this whole Internets thing may be a fad). We know we'll be missed too, as Trigger blessed our trip and absence with the profound blessing, "Thanks for ruining my summer." That may be what the Europeans say when we arrive. Our divergent family traditions dictate that we must either conquer the continent or free it from the conquerors.

Tomorrow is RDU to JFK to London to Rome. We plan on going into Manhattan from JFK using the Long Island Railroad while we wait on the several hours between flights. The house is cleaned, ready for the people with whom we'll swap and most everything is packed. Ipods are charged, and extra batteries are stowed, for the expectation of the longest I have had to sit still in 12 years.

We have done a lot of planning, but not everything can be planned so far away. So far we're not sure how much Internet access we'll have, so we'll see how often we can post news.


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