Friday, July 17, 2009

Airport and Tires - Monday

We left at 4 am to start Dana's long day of traveling from Seville to
Lisbon to Philly to Indy. She plans to work Tuesday morning. Wow.
After dropping her off, I returned to Cartaya at 7 am, when the tire
mechanic opened. I had been nervous about traveling on the spare, but
we had been too busy to get to the mechanic during its brief hours. It
turns out the hours were even shorter than I believed. At 7 am, the
shop next door opened. I investigated and realized the hours I had
written down were for that next door shop. The tire place had no
posted hours, a common trait here. Surely, mechanics open early,
right? I had some time to finish up editing of blog entries. Two
hours of time. So the hours are 9-3? Some consultations with the
Spanish phrase book and twenty minutes later, I was ready to go.
Pointing to the translation in the book seems to work better than
sounding out the phonetic instructions. Sounding it out just results
in weird stares and rapid questions in Spanish.

Somewhere on the way home, the yellow warning "!" on the dashboard
went out and the consul diagram showing a map of the tires now showed
4 tires instead of 3. Life is good.

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