Friday, July 31, 2009

Resting and exploring Mantes Jolet - Wednesday

We returned to the Internet café by the train station in Mantes Jolet . There was a lot to do in an hour a half. I looked into connecting our house phone to France phone, and when we came home, I ran back to the village phone to test it and it worked! I wish we would have had this option in Italy and Spain, but we had no land lines there. Vonage offers free calling to France, so it doesn't cost anything to forward calls if you're on the right plan.

We also found a Hallmark, which had enough off color items that it could have been a Spencer's gifts. A bolangerie had excellent huge slices of flan with fruit. The bakeries in Spain and France have been one of the many highlights of the trip. Unfortunately they don't have any of the €1 chocolate eclairs here. Maybe that's for the best. I say this, but my German blood tells me it's never wrong to consume chocolate.

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