Monday, July 13, 2009

Lisbon, Portugal - Saturday and Sunday

This was the trip to the motherland for Dana and L, whose grandfather
is Portuguese. The hostel was more sparse this time. We had to rent
towels, and it had shared bathrooms without those mini-soaps you
always get at hotels. However, the location was excellent, close to
the metro and shopping districts. We split up again, and I was able to
look around some and then rest at the hostel for a while before I
headed out again, which makes exploring much less tiring. I discovered
a 5 story shopping mall, which turned out to be very handy as a
shortcut when we regrouped for dinner. One side of the mall has an
entrance on level 1 while the other exits on level 5, so using the
escalators saved us about 50 vertical feet of walking. The city is
very hilly. The next day we took a tram after the hills defeated us as
we saw sites .
Dana planned a good itinerary for us to see several beautiful cities,
and I enjoyed it, but I am ready to have a block of unscheduled time,
and L is ready to be off of her exhausted and bruised feet. We'll see
Madrid on Tuesday/Wednesday and drop Jenny off at the airport there.
After that, we can look forward to a lot of pool and beach time. The
Disney channel has a few hours of English each day, but that's all we
have for electronic entertainment right now. We might have to work on
that because we can't spend all day in the sun.

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