Monday, July 13, 2009

Mirabella -Tuesday

We drove to Mirabella on the Mediterranean coast to stay at the Hotel
Berlin, featuring two dogs and very friendly innkeeper. The inn is on
a pedestrian only street, so I wanted to park on a side street to
unload our luggage before heading to the parking. When in Rome… Well
here the Romans park everywhere, including the sidewalk. So I pulled
onto the sidewalk to temporarily park. Howls of protest erupted from
the rest of the car. I didn't expect a sort of Spanish Inquisition.
Even in Spain, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. Jenny's frown
and more in the rearview mirror drove home this might be not be a good
idea. In their defense, I was very close to a shop door and,
remember-just close to-which you always are on narrow streets, a young
child. We chose a parking garage instead. I do actually need back seat
drivers to keep us safe. Finally we gave up and parked at a garage and
carried our luggage from there.
We walked through a huge shopping district on our way to dinner. It
was pushing 10 PM,
still an acceptable dining hour here. Some of us were desperately
hungry, while other could not help the urge to peruse the sidewalk
shops. Unfortunately, the GPS can avoid toll roads but not shopping
roads. We found a good cheap restaurant. Dana's ordered the gestapo
soup order instead of geauzbaucho (sp?) but was quickly corrected. .
In other news, we found a place in France! Our houseswap person
dropped off the face of the Earth, so we needed a cheap rental. It's a
cottage on the outskirts of Paris. Kudos to Lara's searching skills.

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