Friday, July 17, 2009

Back to Nuevo Portil - Friday

We took it easy with some grocery shopping, relaxing, and beach time
for me. We also got to eat L's fabulous and amazingly and
inexpensive cooking again (Jenny calculated it to be around a couple
Euros a meal compared to easily €6 at just McDonald's).

I couldn't let the laptop issue go. I had the right adapter and cable
to plug the laptop into the TV, but it still wasn't working. I decided
to disconnect the cables from the built-in monitor, and I got a signal
on the TV. Lowering the resolution and shifting the laptop into black
and white got a good picture (black and white just captures the
moment+). Now the problem is content. On the laptop, we have about 20
minutes of clips I captured from the satellite while doing some tests
a year or more back. Funny clips, but not brilliant enough to
repeatedly amuse us. The Internet signal, with its shows and movies,
is a block away. The monitor is here. The DVD drive doesn't work.
Hopefully we can download something at an Internet place with
computers and bring it home to watch.

Off to see the sunset.

+ 16 Candles reference. Come over to our house and watch it again for
the first time when we return to reclaim East Northeast Durham.

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